Country #12: KENYA

Tuesday, 15 August 2017

Asante sana, jina langu ni Amanda.

The moment I landed In Kenya I knew I was in-love. From the lush green trees along the highway to Limuru to the proximity to numerous wildlife species in Nairobi, I now understood what all the fuss was about. This was Africa! The kind that kept it's authenticity while progressively developing it's infrastructure. I must admit that I did not get enough time to truly explore everything on my bucket list while in the country but i will return.  

Here are the 10 things I loved about Kenya that have guaranteed my future return to the beautiful land:

  1. The buzz of the capital city: Nairobi was by far one of the busiest cities I have been to. It had a warm outgoing spirit about it and you could almost tell that the locals were in pursuit of success.
  2. The food: nyamachoma, chapati and ugali
  3. The Masai Market: I got myself  a beautiful red Masai blanket and marveled at the magnificent craftsmanship the traders had throughout the market. 
  4. The box matatus 
  5. The scenery in Limuru
  6. The breathtaking wildlife
  7. The affordable fast internet: The myth is not a lie. Nairobi has incredibly fast internet. 
  8. Swahili
  9. Java Café at Yaya Center where I met my long time friends Sheila and Bianca after 6 years. This was also where I got to meet my Moremi Initiative sisters who are based in Nairobi and finished my trip with meeting Fridah and Flower, my two sweethearts.
  10. The People- Kenyans embody kindness, always ready to assist you and make you feel at home. I cannot begin to explain how many gifts I came back with from each person I met while I was there.

The slightly alarming things:

Traffic is hectic in Nairobi and the driving is out of this world scary . I had my hands fastened to my seat anytime I had to travel around. This was the order of the day throughout all my uber trips and travels from Limuru to Nairobi. 

Just as a caution, security was a huge thing. Kenya still has a long way to go in this space but I felt safe during the trip.

Things I wish I had done:
  1. Met Primeprotografi—His work is amazing and If i had the time, I would have booked a session. Check him out on instagram @prime_photografi/
  2. A drive to Mombasa
So if you were wondering where your next trip should be, I would highly recommend Kenya.


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