Behind the Mirror

Tuesday, 15 August 2017
Tide high, ocean breeze through his window
eyes meet, shiver at the beat of each other’s hearts
Emotion so high, it captures the very soul of their veins
souls that float on clouds above, that float...
Inflamed, moments of un-tempered, perpetual bliss, they tame themselves,
Waiting for a moment, waiting for that pivotal moment…….
Time, since time began, it’s as though they’ve been predestined to be together
As though they have known each other forever, in other lifetimes, phoenix immortal union

He, the man behind the mask, so hidden, trapped in his own shadow
Centers around this image that defines his sole joy,
the image behind his reflection, her eyes, the break of Day
He dreads the moments she fades but finds rest when she reappears again, perfect reflection
Terrified, horrified that its love, her whole, may elude him, keep him to a hold, confined to its peace…….

She, it, the voice within a reach, the girl he sees behind the mirror
Has her breath strapped to his words, her lifeline,
glooms up at this ray of light, MYSTERY is his name,
mystery is his name, mystery is his name
The rush, the thrill, anguished by her uncertainty, she awaits
She waits for him……

Truth is her name, but his faith in it has lost its feet
What he thinks, she knows, what he feels, she feels,
How can the two be so close but yet so far away….

Then a chance, rendered genuine to its virtue avails,
that very second, both his world and her world come to contact, reality vague, the image
brings forth its hand, entwined for what time could not tell nor feel,
for both of them have their holds….an opportunity for one to cross over, align themselves to
the others world, he thinks, she waits…
not giving in to the thought of letting her go, his hand strokes her hair down,
his warmth a heat wave , consumes her

You see, only GOD knows how all this ends, but for a moment
It all makes sense, they can’t let go of each other, no they can’t,
But for they have to let go of themselves
He must have painted her to life, for this image depicts his inner most visions of beauty

She, it, must have seen, wrote him to reality, duplicated him somehow for she no longer hides behind that mirror
Every brush, every lyric, every verse, if only fear of the unknown would render them free….
He, the master of his own principles, has no power over her voice,
He found what he is in her, in a world that ascertains nothing but vanity, she is real,
She is him, they both move to the beat of each other’s rhythm,

She, it, radiates when he gazes at her, sunshine fever rushes down her spine, SERENITY
He, the strength in his being, gives way to her charm; his passion is only for her,
He enters her world, blinded by clarity, transits in space
All they can hear, see, touch is each other…
Her kiss, soft, indisputable in its redemption
His world stops to exist, his life is no longer ‘It’ but ‘her’…

Only a lifetime can tell how his story ends, but for her, it means a lifetime of non-solitary
it’s no longer just her but its him and her in her world
If tomorrow holds her promise,
it will be to forever gaze into his eyes, she sees him, she KNOWS him,
no longer shall they be bound by limits, by their fears
His sacrifice changed both their lives forever, they now LIVE ……
They now gaze at a star that streaks across the sky, no reservations, no doubts,
Just contentment in their find……………

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